Burma Dossier: Refugees
(July, 1997)

Background to Policies
Use of UNHCR Guidelines for the Protection of Refugees from Burma: A More practical Collaboration with NGOs needed  1
Burmese Refugee Policy Influenced by Khmers  5

Refugees in Thailand
Burmese Muslims Forced to Flee Homes  6
Burma-Refugees: Worsening Crisis Predicted Along Thai Border  7
Army Under Fire for Treatment of Refugees  8
Burmese refugees in Thailand  9
Refugees Flee to Thailand After Attack on ABSDF Student Camp  10
Kanchanaburi and Ratchaburi Refugee Camp and Southern Provinces Situation  11
Wimol's refugee camp plan backed  12
Thai Refugee Shelter to be Moved  14

Refugees in Bangladesh
Bangladesh and Burma Agree to Copmplete the Repatriation of Rohingya Refugees by 31 March  14
66 Burmese Refugees Return from Bangladesh  15
Muslims Flee to Bangladesh  15
Bangladesh Faces New Influex of Burma Refugees  15

Karen Refugees
Karen vs. Karen  16
Karen Refugees Plead for International Help  16
Karen Refugee Labour Cheap at Thai Border  17
Karen Receive 'Brutal' Treatment  18
Kyo-Kaw Thoo Lei Statement: SLORC Offensive  19
A Low Approach may be the Best Help for Karen Refugees  20
Gas Project Pushes SLORC on Refugee Deadline: One Week  21
Clash between civilians militia, ethnic Karen fighters at Karen refugee camp  22
  Chatichai slams army over Karen incursions  23
  Diarrhoea Kills Dozens of Karen Refugees in Camps  23
  Refugees from the SLORC occupation  24


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