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Philippines: The Struggle in Mindanao
(September, 2001)


The Philippines
Country Profile  4
Profile  6
A Concise History of the People of Mindanao  7
The Involved Groups  
Moro National Liberation Front [MNLF]  9
Moro Islamic Liberation Front [MILF]  11
Abu Sayyaf Group [ASG]  11
Overview of the Moro Struggle  
Chronology  12
Resettlements  13
CIA Monster  19

Issues & Perspectives
The Socio-Political Dimensions of the Mindanao Conflict  20
The Bangsamoro after 100 years of US Colonization  21
Understanding the Mindanao Conflict: Mindanao at the Crossroad  22
The Tri-People Relationship  26
A Journey Towards Lasting Peace  31
An Interview with Wahab Guialal  36
Profits from the Mindanao War  39
Religious Intolerance in Mindanao  41

The Struggle Ahead
Palace Sees Lasting Peace with MNLF-MILF Unity Pact  42
  A People's Movement for Muslim-Christian unity in the Philippines  42
  Alternative To War: Maladeg Peace Zone and Dungos Peace Pact  43
  Understanding the 'Relations' Between Christian and Muslims  46
  A View from the MILF: Interview with Mohagher Iqbal  48
  Internationalizing the Mindanao Crisis: The need for Peoples Solidarity  49


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