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Kashmir: Disputed Territory; Paradise Lost
(October, 2002)


General Information

Map 4
Statistics 5
Key Participants 6

Kashmir Insight and Timeline 9
The Current Situation 13
Why Kashmiris Revolted Against India 14

Issues and Perspectives
Differing Agendas in Asia 19
What Spawns the Creation of a Militant 20
Bitter Realities about Kashmir 22
Peace as Daily War 24
Too many People Gain from the Conflict 25
India turned Kashmir into the Bitter Place it is Now 26
Plight of the Kashmiri Woman 28

Voices of Resistance
Statement Against Dual Occupation 30
Kashmir, the Imperiled Paradise 32
Kashmiris want to Ban the Gun 33
Who Killed my Father? 34

The Struggle Ahead
A Call to Kashmir Peace Plans 37
The Roll of NGOs in Reconstructing Kashmir 39
A Call for Just Peace 40
  The Kashmiri Voice 43

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