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Maori and Pacific Island Stories of Peace and Justice
(November, 2003)

Introduction - Te Kaupapa me Nga Mihi  1
He Whakatauaki / Maori Proverbs  
Call to Sacredness - Te Karanga  
Acknowledging our Ancesters - Nga Tipuna  
Opening the Way of our Stories - Te Kaupapa  

Part 1
History of Maori in Aoteroa New Zealand - Te Whakapapa
The Migration of Maori  3
The Moriori and Maori contact  3
Maori Contact with Europeans and the Missionaries  4
Political and Tribal Map of Aotearoa New Zealand  6
Maori Stories and Customs of Peace within the Community 
The symbolic use of the Marae   7
Maori Protocols of Everyday Living  10
Maori and the Natural Environment 
Creation Stories of Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatuanuku (Earth Mother)  11
Tangaroa (Tipuna - Ancestor of the Sea)  11
Te Wao Nui a Tane (Guardian Ancestor Tane  13
Intertribal Relations and Conflict 
Peaceful Exchange between Kaimoana (Seafood) and Huawhenua (Forest Foods)   15
Tribal Goodwill in times of Famine and Drought   15
Tribal Conflict between the Nga Puhi and Ngati Porou Peoples   16
Maori and Issues of Today  
Peace and Reconciliation Among the Tribes   16
Our Bicultural Journey  17
Maori Women Reclaiming their Mana from Abuse and Domestic Violence   18
  Maori Restorative Justice using the Marae Justice System  21
  Maori and the Peacemaking Circle   21
Part 2: Pacific Island Stories of Justpeace
  Demographic Summary of the Pacific Island Peoples  22
  Map of the Pacific Islands   23
  Cultural Practices to ensure a harmonious Community  
  The Traditional and Medicinal use of Kava, Ava, Yagona   24
  The Traditional Purposes of the Kava Ceremony   25
  The Samoan practice of ‘Ifoga’ to Seek Reconciliation when a Serious Crime is Committed   26
  Seeking Peace in Bouganville 1998   27
  The Philosophy of the ‘Hula’ Dance from Hawaii  28
Part 3: Transcending Gender in the Pacific Culture for a Peaceful Community
  The Stories of the Multi-Gender People of the Pacific  31
  Queer Indigenous Peoples and their Lost Spirit: Two Stories  34
  The Pacific Identity in the 21st Century  36
  Glossary of Terms / Nga Kupu Whakawarama  37
  Appendix I: Tapu  39
  Appendix II: Treaty of Waitangi  42
  Bibliography and Web Site References  45


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