Special Focus

The purpose of this new section entitled 'Special Focus' is to increase global awareness of specific marginalized groups in Asia. Through discussion at the 2006 CJPA workshop in Kerala, India, it was decided that the issues of the Dalit community warranted further publication. It is for this reason that the Dalit people, in both India and Nepal, have been chosen as our first Special Focus. To learn more about the Dalit please view the following links.

    Historical Understandings of Caste & Untouchability

To better understand who the Dalit are, how the caste system functions in India, and the concept of untouchability, please read the following articles.        

    The Dalit Movement

For a brief overview of the history of the Dalit Movement in India and the leadership of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, please read the following article.

    [Salam Bhimrao!]

    Stories of Dalit Resistance

To read stories of Dalit oppression and how individuals have joined the fight for justice, please click the following link.

  [Five Dalit Stories of India!]

   India's Shame

The situation of Dalit scavenging communities was presented as the cover story of India's national magazine, Frontline, in September 2006. To access this article, please view the following link.

     [India's Shame]

    Dalit News

For up to date news about the Dalit communities in India and Nepal, please visit the following page.   

       [Dalit News]

We hope to add to this portion of the website as resources become available. If you have any resources that you would like to make available to the network through the CJPA website, please email the Website Manager.