Current Supportive Actions

Stop the Killings in the Philippines

The Stop the Killings in the Philippines campaign website contains press statements, updated data and urgent action alerts as well as related articles on the killings and other human rights violations happening in the Philippines. The campaign organizers urge members of the international community to respond to the urgent action alerts posted within their website. You can also contribute to the campaign by signing the online petition, sponsored by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

The Stop the Killings in the Philippines campaign has been in effect since the spring of 2006 and still the political killings continue, targeting farmer activists, union leaders, student leaders, party-list organizers, professionals, church people and journalists. March saw the death of two more victims. Although the extra-judicial killings have garnered international attention, little has been done to address the issue. You can read about it in the Independent Commission to Address Media and Activist Killings.

Joel Garduce has written another article of interest, comparing the current actions in the Philippines to that of the USA's Operation Phoenix during the Vietnam War. To learn more about the situation please read Focus on the Extrajudicial Killings in RP: Operation Phoenix's Long Shadow.

::: updated April 2, 2007

Protect Human Rights & Freedom in Thailand

Since the army launched its coup in Thailand on September 19, 2006 it has moved fast to curtail civil liberties and detain members of the former caretaker government. There is growing resistance to the coup inside Thailand, but vocal opponents--especially journalists and human rights defenders--face very serious risks. Although the UN secretary general has condemned the coup, the UN Human Rights Council and rights experts are yet to act on it. Please write letters calling for urgent intervention to protect lives and fundamental liberties in Thailand, and support the courageous persons now encouraging their fellow citizens to speak out against the takeover. 

 [Sample Appeal Letter]

Although the Thai coup has moved out of international headlines, it continues to have negative effects for the peoples of Thailand as martial law is still in effect. This is particularly true in the south, where emergency rule continues and the military has been responsible for countless human rights violations. There has been severe civil unrest in the region, that has resulted in violence. To read more about the situation please visit End Emergency Decree in Southern Thailand


:: updated April 2, 2007