Trade Unions and TNCs

Building Workers' Unity
in the
New 'Super States'





Report of the TNC Study Meeting in Ho Chi Minh City

Appendix 1:
Guidelines for the Trade Union Study meeting on TNCs

Appendix 2:
List of Participants and Addresses

Appendix 3

Appendix 4
Struggles and Responses to Foreign Capital Enterprises in Korea

Rev. Chin Bang-Joo

Appendix 5
TNCs and the Thai Labor Situation

Somyot Pruksakasemsuk

Appendix 6
Protecting National Interests in the Use of Investments by TNCs

Dr. Giao su Mac Duong

Appendix 7
The Role of Trade Unions in Enterprises with Foreign Investments

Hoang Thi Khanh

Appendix 8
TNC Trends in Asia

Noel Villalba

Appendix 9
Japanese TNCs in Asia

Michiko Watanabe

Appendix 10
TNCs and the Workers’ Struggles in the Philippines

Dr. Edberto Villegas

Appendix 11
The Export of Exploitation

Leong Pou Lam

Appendix 12
The Labor Movement and TNCs

Sajful Huq

Appendix 13
Trade Unionism and TNCs in India

V.V. Damle

Appendix 14
Workers’ Rights in Pakistan

Karamat Ali

Appendix 15
Trade Unions and Labor Organizations in Asia

Daisy Arago

Appendix 16
Foreign Investments and Trade Unions in Sri Lanka

Vijaya Vidyasagara 

Appendix 17
Perspectives of Foreign Investments in Vietnam

Dr. Tran du Lich 

Published March 1992

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