URM Series 4


Messiah and Minjung

Christ's Solidarity with the People
for New Life



KIM Yong-Bock






Minjung and the Suffering Servant
1. Minjung Theology
2. The Bible and Social Biography of the Minjung
3. Jesus and the Messiah: The Life of the Minjung against Death
4. The Church as One Body of the Messiah: The Search for a New Ecclesiology
5. Faith and Involvement

Minjung Politics: Taming Caesar
6. Messianic Politics: Toward a New Political Paradigm
7. Pacific Civilization and Christian Responsibility
8. Theological and Ethical Perspectives on Global Communication
9. Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation: An Asian Perspective
10. Peoples’ Participation in Asia

People, Power and the Church: The Case of Korea
11. The Church and Power: A Korean Experience
12. The Church and the State after National Liberation
13. Religious Freedom and Human Rights in Korea

Minjung Participation in the Political Economy of God
14. The Story of the People in Asia: Toward Economic Democracy
15. The Power of TNCs in the Story of the Asian People
16. The Oikonomia of God among the Minjung
17. Covenant with the Poor: Toward a New Concept of Economic Justice

New Ecumenical Horizons: Christ’s Mission among the People
18. The Mission of God in the Context of the Suffering and Struggling People of Asia
19. Mission and Christ’s Solidarity with the People
20. Mission as Communication for Covenant Solidarity with Suffering and Struggling Peoples



Published September 1992

96 Pak Tin Village Area 2
Mei Tin Road, Shatin, NT
Hong Kong  SAR

ISBN 962-7250-10-4

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